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See How MicroStrate™ is Made

Did You Know?

A MicroStrate™ life cycle analysis conducted by Texas Tech University concluded that a sign made from our material is only 1/4th the carbon footprint of aluminum signage and in many cases out-performs aluminum from a durability perspective.


We developed a product for signs, sign substrate, and road markers made from 100% post-consumer e-waste plastic named MicroStrate™

MicroStrate™ is better than aluminum!

Tests conducted at Texas Tech confirm MicroStrate™ durability
  • MicroStrate™ can be coated with high intensity prismatic or engineering grade reflective sheeting for STOP signs, NO PARKING signs or any outdoor sign!
  • MicroStrate™ can be printed on directly for use as a quality fine art substrate
  • It can function as a sign core for outdoor signage
  • It can contain Braille for use in ADA signage
  • It is lower cost than aluminum
  • Not as theft prone as aluminum
  • Helps to eliminate e-waste landfilling

TxDOT approved our first MicroStrate™ product in 2010

e-Waste plastic makes up a large percentage of all e-waste!

Plastic accounts for 23% of all e-waste¹. That's over 10 trillion pounds of e-waste plastic. But that plastic is not good for the environment, because it contains UV inhibitors and brominated flame retardants. This makes that plastic virtually non-biodegradable in landfills.

What typically happens to all that e-waste plastic?

  • "Dirty" plastic is generally considered valueless in the downstream recycling supply chain
    • Typically ends up in a landfill
    • Some is actually incinerated
    • A large percentage is exported to developing countries
  • What does this cost us?
    • Environmental costs
    • Landfilling costs
    • Transportation and material handling costs

MicroStrate™ is part of the solution!